Powerade, The Coca-Cola Company’s© leading sports drink brand, recently launched the Powerade ION4 in South Africa. Powerade ION4 provides sportsmen and active people with an innovative sports drink designed to help achieve optimal performance by aiding hydration and providing electrolytes lost through sweat during extended training.

We all know it’s important to keep your body hydrated during training. When an athlete sweats they lose fluids and may lose four minerals – sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. New Powerade ION4 has been formulated with these additional minerals in mind for sweat loss during endurance exercise.

Powerade ION4 hydrates, as it provides fluid to the body, and also fuels the body, because it contains carbohydrates. Carbohydrates act as a source of energy for the brain to maintain skills and decision making capabilities and provides energy for muscles to sustain performance and delay the onset of fatigue.

“The launch of new Powerade ION4 in South Africa represents a step change in the sports drink category as we continue to empower born sportsmen across the globe by giving them the best technologically advanced products to help them maximize their physical performance.” -James MacLachlan, IMC Marketing Assets Manager of Coca-Cola Africa

Powerade ION4 is currently available at selected stores across the country and is offered in a concentrate form with three flavour options: Mountain Blast, Jagged Ice and Naartjie.