Self-Tan is a great way to look instantly slimmer and hide a bit of orange peel skin especially if you are still busy getting your “hotness” on and creeping out of winter hibernation. You really don’t have to face the world in your bikini looking like a ball of dough before it goes into the oven with so many amazing products on the market! Being in the sport modeling industry for such a long time, we permanently have to look like we have been lying on a beach for the whole week but the truth is we are all dipping in the bottle for that sun-kissed look. I have learned to perfect self-tan application (even if I have to say so myself and not without trial and error) and would like to share the tricks of the trade with you to help you avoid, streaks, dirty hands and the “orange” effect.

Please note this article is just my advice and how I have been applying self-tan, (successfully) it may not necessarily be the way someone else applies it, or what is written on the package insert.

Firstly Choose a product that works for you

You and your self-tan have to get to “know each other” first before you move in together. I am going to use Caribbean Tan for this article as I know the products and know what kind of result to expect, also the range is a full start to finish product solution. The product you want to use is up to you.

Choose a colour that suits your skin color

If you have fair skin that burns easily its better to start with a lighter colour dark skinned people usually go for a shade or two up. Nothing worse than when you have the wrong shade for your type and you stick out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons.  I always say, start “small” and work your way up, choose a lighter colour to start and next time, buy the darker shade when you are more comfortable. If you get it wrong with a lighter shade you won’t look like you escaped from Fruit and Veg!

NB: Until you get to know your product don’t go in with all guns blazing!


I use the Caribbean Tan exfoliator before application. Use it in a circular motion this helps to remove dead skin cells to give your tan a more even look and helps to make the tan last a bit longer as well. This is obviously also great for circulation and cellulite (just saying). You can also use exfoliation gloves they are cheap and always at hand (so to say). Pay special attention to rough knees and elbows this is usually where the problem comes in. Also it goes without saying that if you need to wax or shave do it before hand.

Apply your product with care

Use a circular motion and apply until everything is absorbed properly. First time users must use a moisture rich cream over application (I still use this trick to this day) to make sure all the product is evenly distributed and to “dilute” it a bit. I call this my self-tan-insurance. Try not to put product on elbows and knees or if you do apply a little bit of cream to these areas before hand. This goes for feet too, I usually apply extra cream on my feet to “blend” and then remove the excess with an old cloth.

I use the Caribbean Tanning Mousse, it is a foaming cream, which helps with easy application and it also dries nice and quickly for a super professional finish. It is a gradual tan product so you can’t do too much too soon.  Don’t be too lazy to invest in a pair of latex gloves for your self-tan application.  Alternatively apply cream to your hands before you start applying your self-tan and wash immediately after.  Make sure to scrub your finger nails and palms!

After-care and tan extension

If you don’t want to be orange, don’t apply layer upon layer of self tan. Its simple. A great option instead, would be using something like the Caribbean Tan Milk and Honey body butter which will extend the life of your tan and also has a bit of anti-aging magic in and makes the skin feel hydrated and fabulous. This also smells YUM.

Also, I never leave the house without my shimmer for a fab night out, it has a bit of self-tan in so when I hit the beach the next day I am a shade or two darker. BONUS!  

Happy Tanning!