It has become increasingly important to think out of the box. Sure it sounds a bit like a cliché, its a term I think that has been over used too many times and its actually taken the meaning of the word away a bit. Almost like when people say you look “stunning” are you really THAT stunned? Thinking out the Box is actually a lot more personal than you think.

How many times during day dreaming do you have a really fabulous idea and then tell everybody about it. You think its great, they think its great, you get excited and then…. you move on with your life and your idea disappears like in the cartoons when someone pop’s the “think bubble”. The bottom line is, an idea means nothing if you don’t have the balls to make it happen. Action is required if anything is to move forward (Einstein actually said that just in different words).

Sometimes your ideas might be a bit weird or different, don’t let this hold you back. The only way you can be certain of winning a race is if you are the only one in that race. Don’t compete with everyone and their “same old same old” ways. What makes you unique is the fact that you are unique. Your ideas are different your thoughts also, and all it will require for you to set yourself apart from the rest is to believe in yourself and who you are. I say this again BLIEVE in your individuality BELIEVE in your ideas and then finally take ACTION and make things happen even if the uncertainty scares you to death.  At least no matter what the outcome, you will not sit one day with “what if’s and should have’s”

There are so many excuses why not to do something.  What will either set you apart, change your life and make you great (or leave you right where you are lost between the masses) is what action did you take when you had the chance? You can’t rely on other people to make your dreams and ideas happen, its all in your own hands. We love blaming everyone/everything else but I can guarantee your something, there is always a solution to everything, a way out, an answer to everything.

Start your own business with your own ideas or grow in your current company and suggest ideas be different don’t try and fit in. If you can’t grow where you are then you are in the wrong place. If you can’t grow where you are because of the people around you, you are surrounded by the wrong people in your life. If this is the case, now is the time to CHANGE it. If you are scared to try something new out of fear of failure get in line, there are millions of you out there. Its the guy with the balls to try that will get the worm in the end, not the early bird, contrary to popular belief.

My pet hate is when someone has an idea talks about it all the time and does nothing. What are you thinking about that you are not doing anything about? What is your excuse for being a successful out of the box thinker and changing your whole life around?


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