I first started LISS (Low Intensity Steady/Sustained State) training a couple of weeks after having Sammy.  With an athletic back ground I used to be a firm believer in train hard = results but having a baby certainly made it a bit more difficult for me and I was forced to start again, slowly.   The funny thing is that after incorporating this training into my regular program I am weighing much less than what I weighed as professional model and athlete BEFORE I had my baby.  A basic definition of LISS Training would be moderate training over a longer period of time. Think jog instead of sprint.  

The Basics

For LISS it is important to train for a longer period of time at the same heartrate. Your heart rate is best calculated as follows;  Your age – 220 = X then 67 – 70% of x = desired heartrate.  This heartrate needs to be maintained over 40 – 60 minutes to be effective.

In comparison to other training methods there are many advantages of LISS training a couple are;

Great For Recovery

If you train hard and your body needs a break, LISS will work effectively on the days between your training eg weight training or a run.

Not Intimidating

Anyone can do LISS training without feeling intimidated.  This is a FANTASTIC way to start a training program and I would always include this into a program whether you are a beginner or not.  This is also great to get fit again after a long period of not being active.

Lazy Girls Dream

Exercise is not for everyone.  Some people find it extremely torturous, if you are one of those this could be perfect for you.  You will still effectively burn calories while not over exerting yourself or putting yourself off training for life.

Psychological Health

Training this way has a great effect on your mental health, it keeps you grounded and relaxed.  Some training programs can be very stressful.  I found that LISS made me feel more like I have completed a Yoga class instead of a hectic exercise routine.

It Is Kind to Your Body

LISS avoids high impact on your joints and muscles so in essence a bit kinder to your body and musculoskeletal system (the things that hold your body together) 

You can literally do this exercise anywhere, on holiday, outside or indoors. 

Sound too good to be true?  According to the UK Telegraph a recent study done at the University of Barth on two groups of people with mixed age, had one group do HIIT training whilst the other group did LISS training.  The study was done over 3 weeks and the outcome was the same.  This really just means that you will be burning the same amount of calories which is what really matters at the end of the day. 

Exercises like brisk walking, slog jog, rowing, elliptical, steady trail run, stand up pedalling and swimming are all examples of LISS training but there are many more.

At the end of the day, balance is always key.  I would always recommend strength training with any kind of cardio and anything is better than nothing.  If you are looking to start somewhere start with a LIIT program.  If you are looking for a great way to lose the weight I would really suggest giving this a bash.  This is definitely something for everyone and no one really has an excuse not to get active especially with LISS Training on the rise!