So, my really cool father in law fancies himself quite the “chef” and one day he actually gave me the coolest lemon-idea for the kitchen that I will use until the day I die!

Keep ‘n frozen lemon in the deepfreeze (skin and all). May sound weird but this little tool is so awesome all year around for great flavor to so many recipe’s that you simply can’t buy in a packet!

Cooking chicken breasts have never been so delicious! I grate some of the frozen lemon over (skin and all) and I hardly have to use any other sauces or anything to “spice it up”. Grated frozen lemon gives the chicken breasts such a great flavor naturally. This is especially helpful if you start dieting and everything tastes the same. YUK.

Avo on toast (Raevita’s for me) also super delicious! Grate some lemon over that with a bit of Ina Paarman’s chilli salt and voila! A pro-chef couldn’t have done it better.

In fact, you can use this little trick to add flavor to salads, veg, fish you name it!

Slice lemon’s and freeze them in a packet for refreshing “ice” to keep your summer drinks cool or lemon tea (also helps to cool it down quicker to drink).

Frozen Lemon Slices

I always forget to buy lemon and there are actually so many uses for it! Keep a couple in the deep freeze you will always have “fresh” lemon for all your healthy cooking recipe’s.

And not to mention lemons are packed with the good stuff so you can never use it enough! I personally can’t live without the lemon in the freezer 🙂

Happy Cooking!