Last week Thursday I joined in the fun when @WestinCPT joined hands with @NewBalance_SA in a very innovative gear lending venture. Basically you can visit the Westin and have your gorgeous pair of New Balance trainers and gear waiting for you when you would like to train or visit the highly equiped @Thecnogym.

I started my day by thinking it would be a great idea taking the #mycity bus.  Being a virgin at this, I didn’t know that they only take cash and running late as I was, I had to rely on curious bystanders for busfare before making my way to the Westin! Very embarrassing. (Just thought I would come clean)

Explaining myself sugar in hand (for my lateness).  It was also pointed out to me that my cap was a major brand clash but due to uncontrollable hat-hair circumstances this was gratefully overlooked

Besides all of the drama of getting to the Westin, the day was absolutely amazing!  Very well planned and orchestrated!  We all received fabulous goody bags consisting of our running gear, as well as a well marked and planned out route so that people like me don’t run halfway to JHB before realizing it!

Goody Bags containing stunning New Balance gear

There was a live broadcast by @RadioTygerberg and must say I quite enjoyed the presenters they were all pretty cool and super nice!

Interview on live broadcast by Radio Tygerberg

The route was worked out through the Waterfront and then all the way to the back and then ended with a beautiful beach front run. In the end @BreytonPaulse also joined us for some company and we decided to pace ourselves being professional athletes and all. 😛 

Map of our Fun Run. Visitors at the Westin can also run this route with a guide during their stay
Beyton Paulse plotting his Game Plan
DJ Mixi and I at the starting line… putting the fun into the run
Me trying my hardest after having a couple of champers the night before rocking a pair of Gucci’s (not so much for running)
My favorite papaya and spinach super juice

@moreseano also from @goodhopefm had by that time, passed us looooooong ago. We didn’t win but we got medals so we felt very well accomplished non the less.

The food was AMAZING as usual for The Westin and everyone enjoyed the super healthy #SUPERFOOD and Smoothies my favorite being spinach and papaya!

best superfood ever

I would like to give a special mention to a special lady, the marketing manager of The Westin, and one of my dear friends, @philmagomes23 that put this day together 

At Westin everyone is a winner, corny but true, (I was tortured to say that by the beautiful marketing manager Philma in the green shirt) xxxx