1. Being an egg is not cool

Make a little bit of an effort with your profile. A pic thats fun or just a pic that portrays who you are or what you do is also a good idea (logo’s generally not so cool people like relating to real people)

  1. Don’t spam people’s timeline’s

If you are tweeting five times in less than a minute, it may be a bit much. If someone is busy reading his timeline and all he can see is a picture of your face its probably an over-kill


  1. Don’t ask people to RE-Tweet all the time

Unless it is really important, or to help someone else/for a good cause. Too much self-promoting may just give the wrong impression and it gets annoying. REALLY

  1. Don’t Drunken Tweet

This could be either very detrimental or very interesting and funny (which is a good thing) The only problem is you will only realize the next morning when you go back onto your timeline and try to do damage control – when its too late.

  1. Don’t send a Twitter update when a direct message is more appropriate

    I don’t really have to explain this I don’t think.

  1. Don’t publish something if you are not willing to put your name to it, if you don’t have all the facts right, or if you are slandering someones name.

Apart from the legal issues associated with publishing false information about someone/something, you might just come out looking like a twat. The spoken word can’t be undone, not even if you delete it.