So you hear everyone always harping on about how you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, but if you see absolutely no reason to do so maybe this could help with your motivation….

1.  Optimize Weight Loss

More often than not we mistake thirst for hunger.  In a world where we are so rushed for time we often don’t really stop to listen to our body’s. Instead of drinking good old H2O to hydrate and suppress our bodily needs we grab for the next best thing namely food to quite the rumble and we also tend to drink fizzy drinks and juices to quench our thirst which in turn also adds a lot of calories to the average diet so all and all we are piling on weight and adding calories that could simply have been avoided by HYDRATING.  If you have a glass of water before a meal you are not as likely to over-eat either because water takes up quite a bit of space which makes you feel fuller quicker.
2. Increased Energy and better training/excersise perfomance
Your body uses water every minute of every day in the process that transports and transforms food sources into energy, the more readily available water sources there are the more efficiently your body’s energy supply will be.  For any muscle to work and other organs to work there needs to be a sufficient supply of water for the transport system of energy to function to its full capacity.
3.  Looking after your heart
A study that was done in 2002 published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that you are more likely to die of of a heart attack if you drink about 2 glasses of water a day or less than those who dont.
4.  No more headache’s

Did you know that the most obvious cause of a headache is usually dehydration?  Next time instead of popping a pill and putting more pressure on your kidney’s and liver, try drinking 2 glasses of water.  You will be surprised at how quickly it works.  PS. I recommended this especially for those who suffer from hangover-headaches.

5.  Plump out your wrinkles

If you are a smoker, indulge in a glass of wine too many more often than not or a sunblock-shy sunbather you will find that wrinkles make their unwelcome appearance sooner rather than later.  A great way to combat the signs of aging is to plump out the wrinkles by literally filling them with water from the inside out.  It also gives the skin a healthy glow

6.  Help your Digestive System

Adding fiber and water to your diet will act like a broom and literally sweep out your digestive system.  It will also aid in digesting food which needs water to do so.

7.  Detox and Cleanse

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will help you flush your organs and literally wash them from the inside.  Our liver and kidneys work hard every day to process chemicals and junk from our system helping by drinking less alcohol, coffee and soda’s, cutting processed and preservative rich foods and of course drinking loads of water can go a long way to preserving your inner cleaning systems.

Try these tips to increase your water intake.

–  Excersise more, usually when we exercise it makes you thirsty and will naturally increase your water intake

–  Always carry a bottle with you and fill it up as you go along

–  Replace alcoholic drinks with sparkling water in a wine glass at social events, no one will even notice you are detoxing and upping your water intake at the same time.

–  Keep a water supply in the car.  If you hydrate often on the move you will find your pit-stops for coffee and cold drinks will also be much less which will save you some cash 🙂

–  If you can afford it get a water cooler in the space that you spend the most time.  Ready available cold water on tap is quite appealing and having it in your living space will remind you to hydrate.

–  Initially it may help to set a reminder on your phone every hour or so to drink a glass of water make a rule keep a glass of water next to your bed and before you go to bed. The trick is to actually “form” a new habit of drinking water and it may need some help in the beginning