Our bodies consist mostly out of water believe it or not up to about 80% of our bodies to be exact. For us to perform at our best we need a lot of H2O and not just for every day bodily functions!  I wouldn’t say that if you had to start drinking a lot of water without exercising you will lose all your weight but if you include a lot of water in your exercise and eating plan you can definitely speed things up and make a significant difference.

When you exercise you are depleting your muscles of glycogen (stored energy) Stored energy (glucose) needs to bind to water to be able to get to your muscle so you burn more calories the quicker the glucose can get to your muscle and this also helps your body to perform better when training so in effect water also helps you train better. In addition to this the liver also needs water to process fat, the bigger the water supply to the liver, the quicker (and more) fat will be able to burn.

And then last but not least when all of the above happens it forms oxidation and waste products in the body and these waste products need a vehicle to transport them out of your system. Yup you guessed it WATER!  This is also why loads of water helps during detox to get all those oxidants out of your body.

I wont say that you can really over do the water, yes in extreme cases water intoxication can happen but this only happens in extreme cases where people have water drinking competitions or something really silly but nothing for you to worry about.  I would try and get at least 6 glasses in per day this is minimum.

Have I mentioned this is the best thing you could ever do for amazing skin?  Enjoy your water and reap all the benefits from natures own kitchen!

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