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7 Good Reasons To Drink More Coffee: I love my coffee, usually I am a very special kind of
5 Foods to Start Eating Every Day to Transform Your Skin: Ah the beauty industry, they make millions selling products with the promise

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Start Running Today With This 8 Week Run/Walk Programme: Ok, so I have been asked many times how you get into
9 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Easier: Cooking healthy in my opinion is more a habit than an effort
When Eating Becomes a Problem: I always say balance is the key to a healthy life. All

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Garmin Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd., introduces the new vívosmart HR, which is a very slick looking, minimal design, touchscreen activity tracker with @GarminSA wrist based heart rate technology called,
Product Review ADIDAS ClimaCool Fresh 2 Running Shoes What They Really Feel Like On The Road So its common knowledge that you don’t really have to be a runner (or a rocket scientist) to know that everyone these days is looking for the most comfy
The Jog Blog Reviews the NutriBullet I am generally a big fan of anything that helps you eat better especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Needless to say I was very excited when

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I have never really been a Spice Girl or
Anticipated as one of the most prestigious luxury lifestyle