Nothing beats a frozen Margarita in summertime on the beach but if you want to keep your figure in tact its good to know the enemy!  Alcohol And Weight Loss is not possible when talking about burning fat. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and offers no nutritional value to your body. It is empty calories that will only consistently add body fat by disrupting your digestion process.

Once alcohol reaches the stomach, it is quickly absorbed by the body. This process is not through the traditional means of digestion like the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins have to go through. The alcohol is diffused through the stomach walls and is quickly transported to the brain and liver within minutes.Once in the liver, the other macro nutrients…

  • carbohydrates
  • fats and
  • proteins

…have to take a back seat and wait for the alcohol to be used up first. Meanwhile, these macro nutrients are not just sitting around doing nothing. Since the body can not use them first, they are being changed into fat cell and are waiting to be transported to the body for storage.

Without the consumption of alcohol, these macro nutrients would have been used for energy and not all of them would have been converted into fat.

Another disadvantage of alcohol and weight loss is the consumption of alcohol will stimulate your appetite and cause you to become dehydrated. Combine this with the normal snacks such as peanuts, chips, and pretzels that you eat when you drink (all of which is high in salt), you are looking at a domino effect that will cause you to gain weight.

Salt, Alcohol And Weight Loss

  • The salt makes you thirstier and causes you to drink more alcohol.
  • Drinking more alcohol will cause you to eat more and lose more water.
  • Over eating will cause you to store more calories as fat.

This domino effect will continue until you get sick or consume way too many calories. Your waist line will show the results of this action, as well as your health.

One helpful tip is to replace the alcohol you consume with a glass of water. The water will not cause a disruption in your digestion and will fill you up, causing you to eat less. As you can see, alcohol and weight loss is obviously not a good combo but if you stick to the moderation principle you can avoid the bulge