On the 22nd of June I attended the launch of a new Huggies innovation at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town. The launch was to introduce nappies actually designed for boys or girls to suit their specific needs. I am still a new mom, but I could honestly say that it makes sense to have nappies made gender specific. Boys and Girls are made different and I agree that their nappies should be different to absorb fluid in different areas in the nappy as well as just to simply, fit better.

Huggies has always been teamed up with the Disney brand which I think is genius as Disney is a well known and loved brand amongst the younger and older generation alike and is a brand we have all known since childhood. The face of each of the nappies is obviously the celebs of Disney-Ville, Minnie Mouse for girls and Mickey for boys.

Speaking of Celebrities, hot momma’s @CindyNell Catriona Andrews and @KiaJohnson1 as well as the very charismatic @drMichaelMol was also there entertaining the lovely ladies. His speech was really inspiring and something that I would like to share from his speech;

Don’t force your children to be developmentally ready before their time and don’t punish them if they are not ready to do something yet eg. Potty Training” Its not a competition they all get there in the end.


Focus on your children’s strengths and not their weaknesses why would you want him to be mediocre in everything when he can excel in one thing.

brigitte willers, catriona andrews, cindy nel, lizelle galant, heidi barnes
4 Richard Hardiman, Marc da Chazal (Child Magazine), Michael Mol
catriona andrews, brigitte willers

I had such a fun morning with the girls and am thoroughly impressed with the innovation and out the box thinking of @Huggies_SA this is what sets ordinary and extraordinary apart.

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