I have always been curious about laser hair removal since my days as an athlete. I used to have an Indian physiotherapist and he used to tell me all about how he got his underarm hairs zapped for some reason or the other. (maybe he thought I really wanted to know) In graphic detail… sounded like a horror story to me all the pain that he needed to endure and taking out a second bond on his house to pay for it. Anyhoo that was enough to put me off for life.

I didn’t actually realize that as times change so does technology. Yes even when it comes to zapping hairs with ancient hair-zap-machines, because lets face it what we know about these kinds of things and the technology is actually scary and we are very miss-informed.

I was then invited to try Legs Eleven IPL (yes its different to laser and my therapist reminds me of that every time I say LASER) and I must say I was a bit reluctant initially because I had flashbacks from my indian physiotherapist and all his stories but decided to go ahead and try it anyways.

First you will have to go for your 1st consultation and a patch test. Just to make sure your leg (or whatever) wont fall off (just kidding) its really just to see what type of skin and hair you have to enable them to set the machine at the right level and to inform you of the procedure. It also helps that you can have a little feel of what it will feel like. I liked knowing what I was walking into for my first session.

I didn’t find it painful at all, you can feel it but its not like “drink a whole bottle of whiskey before you go” sore. Its actually over fairly quickly and even after the first treatment the hair-growth is stunned (growth will be slower). After two three weeks the hair that was treated will fall out and wont return. Before you get all excited and think you just go in and out and you have no hair ever again, you need about 6 sessions per area to be rid of ALL the hair. Because hair grows in 4 stages they might catch the hair at the right time, where it is rooted. They time the treatments perfectly though so the next time you go it will be when the other remaining hair will be rooted. Only 20% of your hair is present at any time so it will really take 6 sessions or so.

I have only gone once and I can say that I only shave once a week now and its really cool knowing after the second treatment it will be even less and then I am not even half way through all the treatments. Its pretty cool also for guys who have a permanent Movember-Back or chest. Just saying.

Anyways I will be back and I be recommending it to all my besties so if you guys were considering a #journeytosmooth I would say go for it! Totally worth it at R380 per area it will save you a lifetime of waxing, ingrown hairs, shaving or stripping your skin layers with hair removal cream. And if you think its going to be awkies having some chick with goggles give you a brazilian with a IPL machine, its really not, they are very professional and make you feel extremely comfortable. Hell at the end of the session we were exchanging story’s about “the one time”….. Love those girls!

It costs R380 per area, see all areas listed

So to end it off, Legs Eleven is situated in GreenPoint and the contact number there is 0860 132 4750 visit www.legs11.co.za for more or email smooth@legs11.co.za to make an appointment!

Great Environment and awesome service