I finally bring to you the Elana Afrika interview.  I have known this lady for many years and I can honestly say the one thing I adore about her is her never changing down to earth-loveliness and the never dim infectious smile.  It gives me great pleasure to share a little bit about this South African princess with you 🙂
Twitter Bio – @ElanaAfrika
DSTV Television presenter.  @Mnetcares Ambassador. 94.5 KFM Radio Presenter. Celebrity Professional Golfer.  Owner of www.eaworks.co.za and www.elanaafrika.com
1.  You are to me one of the most beautiful ladies in the radio and TV industry what is your secret to your radiant healthy appearance?
Wow, and thank you. I guess when you are put in front of the camera, you commit to looking good without even thinking.  I always drink lots of water, especially when I broadcast. And lots of smiles. It keeps you young. Promise
2.  How do you feel about diet and excersise how important roll does it play in your life?
I come from a family with healthy appetites. They also cook well, so every day feels like an “event”.  Lots of lovely food and celebrations.
Exercise is very important. I see a trainer 3 times a week and I play golf once a week and see my coach weekly too. In terms of diet…I try my best. I am a chocolate addict though.

3.  What is the secret to feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin, what advice can you give your admirers to follow in your comfortable footsteps?
I think confidence is the secret. And its something that you HAVE to teach yourself.  Know what you want, that way you don’t have to look around and adopt other peoples’ goals.
4.  Every Girl has to have one favorite cheat, what is your absolute favorite eat-cheat that you cant live without?
Chcolate for sure. I also love red wine. I am not a fan of long party nights, but I enjoy a glass of wine twice a week.
5.  Give us your top 5 Beauty products that you simply cant live without?
I live for Qms. Mad about the Smashbox 6step photo-finish routine and I have to say Elizabeth Arden cream.
6.  After a busy day how do you unwind and relax?
I read emails. Believe it – it relaxes me.
Also, I love a great bath. I only got used to this recently.  My new home had no shower, so I was forced to relax.
7.  3 Things that makes you smile?
My godchild Saskia, My Mom and dad, and Orchids. I love flowers.
8.  What is your favorite part of the festive season?  Anything in particular that you are looking forward to?
I celebrate many “holidays”. This year I am looking forward to June, I might be in New York!
9.  Tell us a little bit of the MNET Cares project, and what role do you play?
I am the ambassader for MNET CARES. Its the most fun giving back, and I have been fortunate to assist in some of the projects as a consultant, and MC and help.
it makes me happiest when we do shows around changing peoples lives. You have no idea how lucky and Blessed we ALL are.
10.  What would you have become if you had to take another career path?
An accountant, or a politicion. How money moves around is interesting and I think I’m learning to be a smooth-talker (ha,ha!)
11.  Please share with us your favorite recipe for the readers to try at home.
UMM. I  dont cook.
But here is a raw recipe-
Peel two PawPaws and cut them in half. add plain yogurt on top, honey and some raw almonds, that is a killer breakfast!