Puma has launched some exciting new gear for the sports enthusiasts. Today we will be looking at the new revolutionary “game breaking” running shoe and body wear which includes compression gear combined with built in taping. Lets look at the features;

The Running shoe known as the Mobium Elite performance trainer


High-lights of the product

  • The product respects the fact that the foot contracts and expands during training. With other words the shoe adapts to the movement of the foot during a run. This encourages runners to land on their mid-foot rather than a hard heel strike which means more efficiency and less “braking action”
  • The product has been in production for 2 years and the patent is pending so you will really have something special and a lot of effort went into this running shoe
  • Great looking product
  • Smoother transition due to cushioning, flexibility and protection this also encourages a more efficient stride.
  • Mobium Band on the outsole (shaped in a figure 8) designed to work like tendons in the foot which in turn promises to deliver more spring the more force you apply.
  • Windlass Chassis mimics the Windlass Effect of a foot’s expansion. This is a sculptured arch that creates a platform to assist the foot transition through the full running gait.AVAILABILITY:
  • Ladies as well as Mens shoe available
  • In store from Mid April
  • A few select pairs of the Mobium Elite will be available for purchase at the PUMA stand at the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon Expo at the end of the month

Body Wear – PUMA ACTV (Active) and RCVR (Recover)


  • This training gear is the first-to-market use of both in-built athletic taping and enhanced compression
  • Reduces muscle vibration and promote faster recovery also has the added benefit of taping to protect you during training preventing injury and/or assisting where there is an existing injury
  • Full range of training tights, shorts and tops
  • strategically built in elasticized silicone tape
  • The taping micro-massages the skin in specific areas and fused with the benefits of compression technology creates an easy-to-use performance offering that works with the body to help maximize muscle power
  • It looks fabulous too!


There are five key products in Light, Medium and Advanced Compression:

Men’s ACTV Long Tight – optimises muscle power and movement and includes reflective logo to improve visibility.

Women’s CR Tech ACTV Long Tight – combines compression and taping, with a moisture management system to stay dry and cool during a workout.

Women’s TP RCVR Tight – the flexible silicone taping micro-massages the skin to help muscle recovery post workout

Available in March from PUMA stores