According to an article in Men’s health couples who run together have more sex. This is sounds like it could be a very broad generalization but apparently not. The Brooks Running company did a survey and the outcome was pretty conclusive by a whopping 66% of 1 000 survey respondents.

If you were wondering if medical research backs these claims up the answer would be yes. An Exercise scientist at Florida Atlantic University, Tina Penhollow, said that training is an important aphrodisiac for both men an women. Its obviously common knowledge that training improves your sex life so I would agree with this 100%.

After research was concluded by Penhollow they found that sexual satisfaction depends (about 44%) on how fit you are. Circulation and blood flow also apparently plays a huge role on your libido and exercise may improve your libido by about 30 percent according to the article.

Also quite interesting, sweat from a mans underarm is said to activate two regions of a woman’s brain linked to sexual attraction.

The conclusion I think, is that running together or doing any kind of exercise together will go a long way to to better you and your partners sex life. So grab your partner and hit the road 🙂

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