@CorineduToit is a household name and needs no introduction.  This SA-Beauty began her career as an international model after being scouted by a photographer in her hometown of Bloemfontein at age 15.  For 13 years she featured in various campaigns, TV commercials, Magazine covers and editorials both locally and abroad before launching her acting career in 2003.

Corine has starred in many local productions such as Egoli – Place of gold, Getroud met Rugby, Villa Rosa and Erfsondes as well as local films such as Nightdrive, Getroud met rugby, Semi-soet and the American Independent film, Florida Road and a variety of short films.  She took some time out for us to get to know her better this is what she had to say;

1.  Being an actress often means long hours of work.  What is your secret to looking fresh and well rested during the day? 

Apparently each person has a vital number as far as sleep is concerned and my magic number is 7, so I try to get 7 hours sleep every night, no more, no less. I also believe in supplementing with vitamins and minerals, no caffeine and drinking lots of water.

2.  What does your average training program consist out of and how does this fit into your busy schedule?

I get bored very easily and have realized that going to the gym every day and doing the same things, kills my motivation. I have a list of things I enjoy; Spinning, Swimming, Kick boxing, Bikram Yoga, long walks with my dogs, etc. I keep trying new things, adding to this list in order to keep things fun and exciting. Exercise usually happens early in the mornings before work.

3.  How does your diet and lifestyle differ from modeling days compared to acting? 

There was definitely more pressure to be skinny as a model, I’ve always had a bigger bust which makes me appear ‘bigger’, so my lifestyle as a model was very strict and carbohydrates was something other people ate! I still have to look good as an actress but my diet is a lot more balanced, no food group is taboo anymore. My focus is now more on health, rather than weight.

4.  What is your advice to anyone attempting to lose weight?

 Never start on a Monday, ha, ha, ha! I would suggest avoiding very strict, grueling crash diets.  Rather go see a dietician and start making lifestyle changes, better food choices and smaller portions. Exercise is also vital to shed those few extra kilograms.

5.  I always love hearing what peoples definition of a balanced lifestyle is, what defines balance in your life? 

To me, a balanced lifestyle doesn’t just mean healthy habits, but also putting time aside to do the things you love and spending time with yourself, your family and good friends

6.  Everyone has a favorite cheat treat, what is the one indulgence you simply can’t do without?  Are you very strict on your diet? 

I do love an ice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, but I try to keep that indulgence for weekends.

7.  5 Beauty products you live by? 

I’ve come to realize that we get exposed to thousands of chemicals daily and many of these get absorbed into our bodies through our beauty regime. I discovered organic products about 8 months ago and haven’t looked back! My favorite skincare range is Organic Spa, a naturally derived, certified organic range from Australia and unlike other chemical laden skincare products, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg plus these products are not tested on animals, very important to me, a devoted animal lover. For body and hair care, I use the organic Sanctum range. There are wonderful organic choices and alternatives available on one of my favorite websites: www.harmlesshouse.co.za

8.  How do mix your social lifestyle into your healthy lifestyle are there any rules you live by? 

During weekends, anything goes. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t feel like restricting myself all the time. I do my best to be ‘good’ during the week and then I let my hair down on weekends to a certain degree. It’s all about balance or at least striving towards it.

9.  What is the one accomplishment that you would like to add to your long list of achievements? 

I am also a writer for a company called @Lettergreep. We have been writing exciting films, sitcom and a musical which will all flight in 2013. I would love to receive an Academy Award for one of our films one day…

10.  If there is one bit of advice you can give anyone with a big dream, what would it be?

 Live and breathe that dream! Research it, learn everything about it, visualize it, talk about it! Surround yourself with the dream and if it’s meant to be, it will come to you.

11.  What makes you smile no matter how angry you are? 

My two dogs, Sahara and Dolly, they are the most special little beings on this earth and they can pick up a bad mood from a mile away, their solution: shower mommy with doggy kisses until I laugh :0)

12.  How do you unwind? 

Films, films, more films and gardening!

13.  If you could choose any other career path what would it be?

 It’s fascinating how interests and goals change with age, I have changed my career path a few times and I do foresee a few more additional paths in the future. If you can dream it, you can be it! Why settle for just one career for the rest my life?

14.  What was your most difficult challenge body/health or career and how did you deal with it? 

An ‘all of the above’ challenge, would probably be the one in 2006 when I was in an accident that caused a lot of facial trauma and a broken wrist. No one was sure whether my face would ever recover, harsh for someone who makes a living from performing. I had to take quite a bit of time off from work to recuperate and couldn’t train or even drive. Luckily I was super fit at that point and my body recovered at an incredible pace. I was surrounded by my amazing family, friends and a supportive boyfriend, now husband, who carried me through this challenging time.