My favourite thing in the world is to shop for health and wellness products, I can spend hours walking around the store reading product information and going through products to find my perfect health-match. Unfortunately with my busy lifestyle I have had to start shopping for most things on line, which takes the one on one aspect away when needing some advice on products etc. My “unfortunately” quickly changed into “a fortunately” when I found the online one-stop health and wellness E-tailer called Quite simply put, takes the guesswork out of supplement and wellness shopping by giving trusted advice and offering curated products to customers via a very simple and effective platform. is the brainchild of Gary Novitzkas, founder and former CEO of which gives me a lot of confidence as a e-shopper.   I can also see that a lot of his previous experience went into this project with its clear and easy navigation options and no confusing mess when browsing categories and brands.

For example categories can be found by vitamin selection, the type of sport for which supplements or products are required, weight management, health issues and brands.

Busy moms, professionals, athletes and anyone who wants wellness can easily access vitamins, supplements, and nutritional products with the click of a button (and it gets delivered to your doorstep) This has certainly been the case for me as a all-of-the-above rounder.

Not really sure what to get or what you need? No problem, also offers educational, advice, on these products, convenience and a selection of more than 1 500 high-quality, hand-selected products all in one.

“Our buyers and in-house health experts scour the globe for manufacturers and products whose values reflect our own high standards and passion for helping you feel and look your best.” Gary Novitzkas

Another nice perk for me is that the vitamins etc I need to buy every month can now just be ordered on ‘repeat subscription’, so that’s one less thing I have to worry about. has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg and delivers to clients’ chosen destinations within three to five working days. Orders of R350 and above are delivered free of charge.

I loved the fact that I can order my favourite Solal face product La Bomb as well as my Wheatgrass from I actually developed an obsession with my @NutriBulletSA and found a handy Nutri Bullet carry bag online as well. Now I can conveniently take my Nutribullet to work without looking like a traveling gypsy.

So here is my favourite part of the article, what did I shop for?

My Solal Rescue moisturiser. even assisted me to choose the “Combination Skin” option to suit my own skin’s needs
I actually never knew you could buy this in a tin. I was (until I found still researching how to grow my own. Thank goodness I didn’t!!!













NUTRiBULLET Travel Bag (1)
And last but not least the NutriBullet travel bag! You can also buy the NutriBullet from!