We take great care with our skin when it comes to sun exposure during training in the sun.  The importance of this has been reiterated so many times that it has become a healthy routine for most of us. The sun is a very real enemy when it is not respected and it can erode years off your youthful appearance if precaution is not taken, and as mentioned in a previous article, there are many real dangers when it comes to physical health as well.  So yes, we get it, Sunblock is the gospel.  There is one thing many don’t realize though, and that is the importance and our negligence when it comes to hair-protection when training or going outdoors.

We expose our gorgeous locks just as much as we expose our skin in the sunlight and just as our skin gets damaged and aged in the sun, so does our hair.  The sun is actually the most common cause of hair damage.  UV rays penetrate the hair breaking down the pigment which causes the hair to lose protein/keratin  and thus making the hair dry brittle and also causes unsightly split ends. The other problem is that once the follicle is damaged it is very difficult to repair, but it can be done.  I will always recommend a hat protection first and foremost as my motto is prevention is better than cure, but when damage is done the value of a good quality sun specific hair care product is non negotiable when it comes to repair and further protection.

I chatted to Inge Willers (my gorgeous sister and very helpful teacher at Schwarzkopf International about their SUN GUARDIAN range. This is how the 3 step program to gorgeous outside hair works

To protect skin from the drying and damaging effect of sun exposure, people use effective, quality products that give skin nourishment and guard it against potential harm. At a cellular level, hair is just the same, so healthy and shiny hair is guaranteed with BC Bonacure Sun Guardian, from you, the professional.

BC Bonacure Sun Guardian’s three step hair therapy uses SolarCare Technology to deliver just the right amount of moisture, protection and repair to sun-stressed hair. BC Bonacure Sun Guardian is the first product range to offer a three step care program for before, during and after sun exposure; leaving your hair shiny, healthy, manageable and frizz free.

The sun makes hair brittle, drains color from natural and treated hair and exposes hair to harmful UV rays. BC Sun Guardian is a professional approach to care, protection and repair from Schwarzkopf Professional.

Step 1: REFRESH – To safeguard prior to sun exposure, the Aloe Vera rich formula rebalances the moisture level to create perfectly refreshed hair. BC Bonacure Sun Guardian Hair and Body Shampoo – this clear gel-formula packs moisture into thirsty hair, giving instant refreshment and re-hydration to over exposed cells.







Step 2: PROTECT – UVA and UVB filters are blended with Vitamin E to protect the hair against damage and color fading. BC Bonacure Sun Guardian UV Protection Spray – a two-phase leave-in conditioning protection spray that shields hair with a unique UVA/UVB screen and a protecting moisture barrier of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Step 3: REPAIR – The amino acid Glycine repairs damage deep within the hair’s own inner structure. After a sunny day, hair remains smooth, shiny and healthy. BC Bonacure Sun Guardian After Sun Treatment – this treatment combines the superior repair and moisturizing properties of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe and regenerate the hair.

These products are seasonal and you will find them at any professional salon that works with Schwarzkopf International products.