I had a dream 5 years ago of an extraordinary project called GlamourAid. The project consisted of celebrities photographed for a artistic and beautifully done calendar with the aim was selling the proceeds for charity. Everyone wants to do something and make a difference sure, but I was adamant to see this project see the light of day. I have to add to this that there is a huge difference having an idea and actually setting it in motion. Talk is cheap and the only way to go somewhere is to take a step in a direction. As things go the concept started developing with great efforts we started putting together the celebrities photo-shoots. It was almost unreal how things unfolded and getting the buy in from these folks, growing our reputation. I am very proud to say that slowly but surely (back in the day) our initial and very first celebrity list included;

Miss South Africa 2007 Megan Coleman, actresses Michelle Botes and Llethi Khumalo, Thuli Sitole, Loyiso Bala, Francois Pienaar, Zola, Oscar Pistorius, Roland Schoeman, Watershed, Gary Player, Edith Venter, Kurt Darren and Victor Matfield and later also included Bollywood actress Tarina Patel and Nude Girls lead singer Arno Carstens

I have included Oscar in this list (against everyones advice) because credit needs to be given where it is due and he was also part of the project giving his time to assist in making this difference, setting all current issues aside.  (Just saying)

As things go, with a creative project we suddenly had another great idea and this was to have investable artists paint their interpretation of these celebrities. (sigh more work) The works to be auctioned to raise additional funds which happened for the first time in 2007 and the people loved it. I mean who doesn’t like beautiful art, even if you don’t know anything about art.  The main aim of the whole project in a nutshell was to give everyone a opportunity to help raise funds not just by giving money but by giving talent and passion as well. 

Since then we have obviously grown from strength to strength and I have learned SO much. A life accomplishment for us was when we recently concluded the art project and auction at the Bay hotel in August. We managed to raise a significant R595 000 for our two charities namely the MAD Foundation and the Chaeli Campaign. Its hard to explain to someone after putting in years of work and an event like this concludes how it feels to see your “brain-child” get wings and fly. Words just can’t comprehend.

I think when you look at my description that I just made of what the GlamourAid project is all about, its easily confused for something simple that can be done in a jiffy but I can assure you that its not. With any success you also have a lot of disappointment people that let you down, badly, but there are also those that inspire and leave you in awe with their generosity.

Some special people that stand out and have become friends over the years is Veronica Coetzer the photographer that helped me with all the initial photo shoots of the celebrities, I have never met someone with so much passion and emotion and such a beautiful soul inside and out. Craig Mark from Kizo art consultancy that stood by me talking a lot of nonsense but what an awesome little man, genuine to the core and he has been a pillar of strength and stood by me through it all even when I gave up at times. All the talented artists who’s work (some of them worth well over R100 000 per piece) changed the lives of so many children and their futures. I can’t single out any one of them as this would be unfair, but let me tell you these people are selfless. The celebrities , MC’s, Performing artists (all they had to do was be fabulous and of course share their amazing South African spirit with us) but they are really great at that. Without them we would never have had the buy in from the public as they are really trusted well known names and they loaned those names to us for GlamourAid.

This year we even had Mike Rutherford performing with Arno Carstens as entertainment. This to me in itself is just amazing and I could never have guessed years earlier that we would ever have two such talented musicians performing at the GlamourAid event on one stage!

Let me tell you when you have an event of this magnitude you must see how many people come on board to help and to supply with all kinds of things you can’t do without and there are way too many to mention now but a heart filled thank you to everyone who cares.

GlamourAid is fortunate enough to have become more than just a project, but it has become a business and ongoing annual initiative which will mean we can pursue a business of changing lives, there is really nothing more rewarding. In the end thats all that matters. I would love to share this quote with you;

What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others is and remains immortal”

Please visit www.glamouraid.co.za for more about our project sponsors and photos.  Please keep an eye out for us next year in Jozi!

left @ArnoCarstens and @CindyNell | Middle @carolthorns on electric cello | Right (me) @BrigitteWillers @Lionelsmit artist with his amazing work of @TarinaPatel on the right


Left to right @Thandified @Sharlzie888 @sueduminy_21 and far right my special friend the gorgeous @TammyAFortuin
Far left @NatalieBeckerLV and celebrity photographer @denziljacobs | The always dazzeling @Cindynell in the Middle and @TammyAFortuin with @natalieBeckerLV again on the right
@ArnoCarstens Angie Rutherford, Pearl Nel from FNB, Mike Rutherford and (me) @BrigitteWillers far right the Best female auctioneer in the Country @AriellaKuper from @clearasset and world famous artist @richardscottart who also happens to be a dear friend in front of his work of Arno
What it was all about the Gorgeous Chaeli from @ChaeliCampaign and the inspiring and fun bunch at @MADCharitySA
Entertainment by @ArnoCarstens and #MikeRutherford from Mike and the Mechanics on the Right @CindyNell and @markbayly thank you for being so incredible and managing the evening like real Pro’s
@LarrySoffer doing his magic and blowing my mind as well as @ArnoCarstens ‘s far right @RichardScottArt and Me (@BrigitteWillers) so proud have him as part of our initiative
In the end thanks to everyone’s amazing efforts we were able to raise R595 000 for our two amazing charities

I would also like to add that no successful project will ever be successful without an amazing team of PR and Marketing Professionals thank you @VividLuxury for your ongoing support.

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