Are you STILL skipping breakfast? It seems that no matter how much us health-nuts try
convince people otherwise, there are plenty out there leaving breakfast off their list of priorities. No matter what your excuse may be (I want to lose weight, I have no cooking appliances in the office, I have no time), I’ve plenty of reasons and ideas for you that will breakfast back on the mark.

If you don’t feel creative in the morning, here’s a list of some healthy and yum breakfast ideas, so you can’t blame a missed meal on a lack of imagination!

Great breakfast options:

  •  Whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and chopped banana.
  • Egg mayo between one slice halved bread/rice cakes: boil your eggs the night before for convenience.
  • Hot eggs on toast: did you know you can cook eggs in the microwave? For yolk intact, spray and cook a microwaveable bowl and heat for 60 secs before checking. For scrambled eggs, heat eggs for 45 secs, take out and beat with fork and repeat for another 45 secs.
  • Prepare your powders for a healthy shake the night before: FutureLife, whey powder, a sprinkle of raw cacao powder for antioxidants and an optional scoop of almond/rice milk powder means that all you need to do the following morning is add water! Absolutely excuse-proof.
  • Fat-free yoghurt (rich in probiotics) with nut-dense muesli and goji berries. Goji berries are surprisingly high in protein, to add to their superfood status.
  • Then, here’s a favourite recipe of mine: the chia seed breakfast mix. 2T seeds in 250mls water will swell immediately (no more than 2 mins) to form an oats-like substance. It has no taste but hoards of nutrients! Chia seeds are one of the world’s RICHEST sources of omega 3s, is 20% protein, and has more calcium gram for gram than milk. As a clean slate for flavour, add cinnamon (great for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure), honey, and trail mix. This a wonderful 2 minute breakfast with a powerhouse of nutrients.
  • White mozzarella cheese and halved cherry tomatoes on corn cakes/seed bread. Microwave for 20 secs and you’ve got yourself pizza!
  • Chunky cottage cheese (a protein powerhouse!), cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper on rice cakes.
  • Nut-packed bran muffin with smooth fat-free cottage cheese (protein again) and drizzle of honey. These can be frozen in single servings and simply warmed up in the microwave in under a minute.

Office kitchen check list:

In the freezer:
Sliced bread
Single portion muffins 

In the fridge:
Single portion yoghurt
Cherry tomatoes
Fat-free cottage cheese (smooth or chunky)
White cheese

In the cupboard:

Green tea
Trail mix
Chia seeds
Rice/corn cakes
Peanut butter
FutureLife/whey/raw cacao powders

If you’re still not convinced, here are some important reasons to break your fast:

  • Skipping breakfast can leave you tired, restless, or irritable. After a night’s sleep, whereyou’ve gone without food for up to 8 hours, your body needs to refuel for the day. Your mood and energy can drop significantly by midmorning if you don’t eat at least a small morning meal.
  • Ironically, skipping meals does not promote weight loss. People who don’t eat breakfast often consume more calories throughout the day and are more likely to be overweight. Also, their metabolisms have not been fired up with fuel at the start of the day, meaning they are lower and more sluggish.
  • Choosing breakfast foods that are rich in whole grains, fibre and protein while low in added sugar will boost your attention span, concentration, and memory — all necessary for a productive work day. (If you ‘don’t have time’ to make breakfast because work is too busy, you will ironically be less productive.)
  •  Energy from protein tends to kick in after the carbs are used up, so be sure to include healthy proteins in every breakfast mix. This will curb your cravings as well, preventing overeating.

Article supplied by @futurlifeza written by @LisaRaleighSA