When you drive into Val de Vie estate it feels like you are in a different world! Hugged between the beautiful vineyards of the Western Cape, this jewel of a Estate, like non you have ever seen before hosted a generous event to create awareness around Breast Cancer.


Worldwide, breast cancer comprises 22.9% of all cancers and one in 8 women will be diagnosed of breast-cancer in their lifetime. In 2008, breast cancer caused 458,503 deaths worldwide

The day was filled with beautiful pink detail, from the food to the décor all done by the fabulous Edith Venter who has run the most stunning and successful events for the longest time! She stays my favorite event-lady and all round Champagne queen! 🙂

Gorgeous Edith Venter wearing non other than Kobus Dippenar


I had the privilege to DJ at the polo this year keeping the guests tapping their feet whilst enjoying perfectly pink bubbly and delicate catering out of this world.

Vanessa Marawa Liezel van Der Westhuizen and Myself

Elana Africa was the colorful MC and she is always a breath of fresh air to have a company and as a Master of Ceremony.

The lovely Elana Africa and I


Guests were dressed to impress and the theme “Shades and Shoes” was well portrayed.  They were loving the odd “rub of a shoulder” with Celebs and media to their hearts content.  Liezel van der Westhuizen, Roxy Louw and Vanessa Marawa were some of gorgeous girls mingling with the guests and Ryk Neetling was also there as Marketing Representative for Val de Vie


@roxylouw enjoying a lovely Red Wine from the Val de Vie collection

The Kobus Dippenaar fashion show was as usual really something else. I would say Kobus Dippenaar is easily one of South Africa’s most magical designers with such a creative talent. His gowns are to die for!

Ryk Neethling welcoming the guests

This was followed by the highlight of the day which was the PINK POLO a Polo match between team “Bold” and the “Curves”

The Two Polo teams the Bold's and the Curve's


I would say the Blackberry Pink Polo Event is definitely one of the highlights of the social scene in and around Cape Town and if you missed this year do yourself a favor and don’t miss 2012’s event! I had the privilege of being there for the first and the second event and watching it grow from strength to strength makes me feel that there is hope in creating MORE awareness around Breast-cancer!



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